Floyd Mayweather Sends Fans Into Frenzy With Latest Conor McGregor Tease


Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ve no doubt heard about the impending potential super-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr which is supposedly looming on the horizon.

However, despite all the fight’s hype – there seems to have been very little done in terms of organising an actual bout, reports the Daily Mail.

But, whether you’re team Floyd or team McGregor, it will definitely come as quite the surprise to see this Instagram post by Mr. Mayweather himself – either confirming the fight, or just trolling us further.

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The image, which was posted online by the undefeated 39-year-old boxing champion, sent fans into a frenzy about the whole fiasco, which many had earlier claimed could never happen:

Another guy who seemingly responded to the news was none other than Conor McGregor himself with this cryptic tweet, potentially aimed at the UFC, simply saying ‘1-0’:

According to reports earlier this week, the world famous boxing trainer Freddie Roach – who coached Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Julio César Chávez Jr, and Amir Khan – recently revealed that Mayweather had visited him to ask him to train McGregor for the fight.

He told Inside MMA:

Mayweather did come by my gym last week and he asked me to take that job if it’s offered to me, because he told me the fight is going to happen and we’re going to make a lot of money.

I told Mayweather, it would take me three years at least to get him ready to fight you, I don’t think it’s really possible for a MMA fighter to fight a boxer.

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Personally, as a fan of both boxing and MMA, the prospect of the fight, while being fascinating and exciting, just seems a little too bizarre. Perhaps it will happen, perhaps it won’t – but at the end of the day, they’re two different sports which are only very vaguely similar.

It’s like Tom Daley challenging Ian Thorpe to a freestyle race.

But it would sure make both Mayweather and McGregor quite the pretty penny.