Floyd Mayweather Took An Insane Pile Of Cash To Miami Nightclub


What’s the best way to carry a disgustingly large amount of money to the club? Probably a bank card, it’s easy, convenient, and fits nicely in your wallet.

Not for Floyd Mayweather though, oh no, Floyd thinks bank cards are for pussies – real men carry their cash wrapped in huge stacks in their arms, because YOLO.

If we ain’t living legends what do you call?it then ????? #TheMoneyTeam

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Brothers ???

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The retired boxer was spotted with the aforementioned fat stacks at the King of Diamonds club in Miami, where according to The Mirror magnum bottles of Ciroc vodka go for $600 (just under £400).

Floyd and his pals can be seen in this set of images throwing money at strippers and pointing at the camera with large piles of dollar bills in their hands.

I Feel Like Rich Porter #TMT

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Don’t Make The Boom List ?? #TheMoneyTeam

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You know, just a standard Tuesday night down the club.