Footage Shows Karen In Hysterics Over Woman’s Support Animal

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Footage Shows Karen In Hysterics Over Woman's Support Animal@chaoticqxeen/TikTok

A video has surfaced online showing a woman losing her temper over someone having a support dog in a restaurant.

In the video shared by TikToker known as Erika (@chaoticqxeen), the woman can be seen on the phone to someone complaining about the dog being in the restaurant, despite the manager having no issue with it.


The woman on the phone can be heard saying, ‘This dog should not be in a public place,’ and implied that she was told to call the police by the person on the other end.

She also claims to have done ‘extensive research’ on emotional support pets, and further insists that the dog shouldn’t be there.

Karen kicking off ( chaoticqxeen/Tik)@chaoticqxeen/TikTok

Other people in the restaurant, who also appear to have no issue with the dog, advise the woman to go somewhere else if she wasn’t happy with it being there, but she refuses to do so.


Erika captioned the video, ‘Karen was made bc I had my ESA [emotional support animal] service dog inside the restaurant with me. Mind you my dog is just laying on the floor behind me and the manager was ok with her being inside the business [sic].’

‘Karens out here getting outta’ hand,’ she added.

The video, shared July 31, has generated almost 70,000 likes, but the comment section has been disabled.


Erika’s TikTok has since been shared on Reddit, however, where people expressed their thoughts. One person said, ‘Call animal control? Over a super calm dog? It isn’t up to her. It’s up to the people running the business and local/state laws.’


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Another person wrote, ‘Imagine being disturbed by a dog just chilling out? Get a life.’

Meanwhile, many others commented on how many times the woman slapped her thigh in a huff, and joked that she herself needed an ESA to calm down.

Karen Kicking off ( chaoticqxeen/Tiktok)@chaoticqxeen/TikTok

Other users pointed out that Erika couldn’t be held responsible for the dog being in the restaurant, but the manager would be.

One person commented, ‘Animal control or the police are not the appropriate agencies to handle this issue. It is the owner of the establishment allowing it in the business who may, and that’s a big maybe, be in violation of some local health ordinance. The appropriate agency to contact would be the Health Department, and they will most likely ‘get right on that’.’

A health inspector then chimed in on the matter saying that the dog being there was technically a health violation, but it would be very unlikely an inspector would pull a restaurant on having a well-behaved ESA like Erika’s in the establishment.


The added that the woman who complained was ‘blowing things so far out of proportion for literally no reason’.

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