French People Outraged At Woman’s ‘Blasphemous’ Way Of Eating A Croissant

by : Shola Lee on : 22 Nov 2021 18:51
French People Outraged At Woman's 'Blasphemous' Way Of Eating A Croissant@carolinlauffenburger/Instagram

French people are outraged at a tourist’s ‘blasphemous’ approach to eating a croissant.

Carolin Lauffenberger, an Instagram influencer, shocked followers by posting a video demonstrating ‘how to eat a croissant like a Parisian’.


In the post, with the tongue-in-cheek hashtags #howtobeparisian and #parisguru added to her caption, the Berlin-based influencer picked up the pastry at the end and proceeded to shock pretty much anyone who’s ever eaten a croissant.

The post quickly stated gaining popularity, but largely from those correcting the content creator as it was made pretty clear that dunking a croissant into a cup of coffee like a biscuit is not the correct way to enjoy the pastry.

Lauffenberger’s video currently has 3.5 million views and rising.


However, it’s when it was reposted to @parisiansnobiety that it really started to divide fans.

With the caption, ‘how do you eat your croissant’ fans were quick to comment on the croissant crime. Many, it turns out, do not eat their croissant like the influencer and they were quick to point this out.


One stated ‘that’s a crime madam’, while another questioned ‘what happened to breaking a piece with your hands #class’.

Another simply wrote ‘blasphemy’. However, some came to Lauffenberger’s defence saying ‘jealous! Looks so delicious’.

Others took the influencer’s tips on board, commenting: ‘Brb gonna go get a croissant and a latte and do this’.

#Howtobeparisian is a hashtag on the social media site, which may have gained popularity following the release of the successful book How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are.

Paris (Alamy)Alamy

The book, which seemed to be on every influencer’s coffee table at one point, was co-authored by by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas discussed fashion, French-isms and lifestyle.

It explain how to be, well, Parisian. Something that Lauffenberger clearly attempted here. Whether she was successful or not is still up for debate.

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