Gamer’s Live Stream Shows Terrifying Moment 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Turkey

by : Mike Williams on : 30 Oct 2020 17:15
Gamer's Live Stream Shows Terrifying Moment 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hit TurkeyMhmtSlmz/Twitter

A massive earthquake was captured on a gamer’s live stream in Turkey today, as a 7.0 magnitude tremor took place.

The natural disaster happened earlier today, 30 October, in the Turkish city of Izmir, as people went about their day.


The footage was inadvertently captured by an online gamer in the area, who was doing a live broadcast to his followers.

As the room rumbled and the entire house began to shake, the man panics, and races out of his bedroom, presumably to get to his family. The tremors becomes noticeably more volatile as the video continues to roll. Items can be heard falling and smashing in the commotion, and even the family dog begins to bark amidst the terror.

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In all, the earthquake lasted around 35 seconds – which must have felt like a lifetime in the moment – as the entire city of Izmir felt its unforgiving force.


Look at the footage below:

The short clip tweeted by journalist Mehmet Solmaz has since gone viral, totting up hundreds of thousands of views as the video is shared on social media such as Twitter.

According to independent news outlet duvaR. English, six people are known to have died from the event and at least 321 are believed to have been injured, but those numbers are expected to rise.

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The Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute officially registering the earthquake as a 6.8 and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) recorded a 7.0.

Photos that have emerged show the extent of the damage, as horrifying images of collapsed buildings can be seen with dozens of rescuers trying to help people to safety.

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Mhmet Solmaz/Twitter
  1. Mhmet Solmaz/Twitter