GB News Cancel Culture Clip Is Being Compared To Alan Partridge

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GB News Cancel Culture Clip Is Being Compared To Alan PartridgeGB News/Alamy

A GB News clip has gone viral that bears such striking similarities to the broadcasts of Alan Partridge that I had to watch it a few times to make sure it wasn’t satire.

While tackling the not exactly burning issue of ‘cancel culture’ in comedy, journalist and former UKIP head of media Alex Phillips adopted the exact tone and cadence of the iconic and cringeworthy Mid Morning Matters host.


Rattling off a complicated stream of puns and indignance, Phillips particularly resembled to my eyes the time when Partridge penned a poem about ‘the working class’, listing ‘crisps for dinner and a pint of best’ in a cheerfully and mortifyingly unaware ditty.


Although Phillips doesn’t directly reference Partridge as an inspiration for her own broadcast, his presence is felt in every toe-curling sentence.

Take for instance the excruciatingly Partridge-esque:


From Aristophanes to Shakespeare, Moliere to Michael McIntyre, humans have devised many forms of humour.

From satire to sarcasm, slapstick to situational, stand-up to sitcoms, spoofs to sketches, the art of laughter has been a long-standing and vital traditional in every language of the world.

Phillips’ issue here apparently lies with a ‘minority’ she refers to as the ‘wokeateers’, who she claims want to ‘gag gags, ban banter and make us all quit wit’.

Cautioning viewers about such supposedly nefarious individuals in her concluding comments, Phillips warned:

When the laughter stops, it really is no laughing matter.


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Accidental Partridge followers, who have by now seen an array of Partridge-worthy moments, were left aghast at what at first glance appears to be a spot-on impersonation of the man himself.

One person tweeted:

That is absolutely amazing. Partridge himself would be proud. To be honest it’s so good it can’t be accidental.


Another wrote:

Her inflections, cadence, and mannerisms are so bizarrely true to This Time Partridge.


Alan Partridge could not be reached at the time of writing, but it can be safely assumed that he was happily watching and nodding along in a static caravan somewhere in Norwich.

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