German Influencer Has Nazi Tattoo Removed From Her Crotch

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Jul 2020 15:55
German Influencer Has Nazi Tattoo Removed From Crotch After ThreatsGerman Influencer Has Nazi Tattoo Removed From Crotch After ThreatsCEN

After years of misunderstandings, an influencer from Germany is now having a Nazi tattoo removed from her crotch, after having not understood the meaning of the ink at the time she had it done.

Berlin based tattoo model Jill Hardener, 31, was just 14 years old when she got her first tattoo. A couple of years on, when she was about ’16 or 17′, she decided to have an ‘imperial eagle’ tattooed onto her crotch.


However, she had not realised that the imperial eagle drawn on her own skin was in fact the version used by the Nazi party during the Third Reich. A symbol she says in no way reflected her own beliefs.

Nazi tattooNazi tattooCEN

Jill, who has over 1.8 million Instagram followers at the time of writing, has been clear all along that she had no clue about the horrifying implications of her body art.

Speaking with German newspaper Bild, Jill said:


When I was 16 or 17 I saw an imperial eagle on the belly of a friend. I liked the motive and never thought about the meaning.

The symbol of imperial eagle dates right back to the Roman Empire, with different variations having been used throughout history by various emperors, republics and cities.

However, the huge, impossible to miss eagle on Jill’s crotch is in fact the very same one used by the Nazi party during their reign of terror, except without the telling swastika in the oak wreath.

Nazi tattooNazi tattooCEN

After she began using Instagram in 2015, Jill was heavily criticised online for her tattoo, and even received threats.

Jill said:

My pictures were stolen, retouched and uploaded to right-wing and left-wing extremist websites.

This also made it difficult for Jill to get work, as, according to Jill, she had ‘completely the wrong image’:


Magazines did not want to work with me, I was not invited to events.

Nazi tattooNazi tattooCEN

At first, Jill attempted to simply hide the tattoo. However, she later decided she wanted to get rid of it for good, making it clear to her followers that she did not share the evil views of the Nazis.

Now, after many years of the tattoo creating difficulties for her, Jill has opted to go under the knife to have it removed after five unsuccessful attempts at laser surgery. A surgeon will reportedly be able to cut it out over the course of two operations.


Jill said:

I am not and never was a Nazi!

Nazi tattooNazi tattooCEN

As well as her controversial imperial eagle tattoo, Jill has plenty of other pieces of distinctive artwork inked on her body. These include a skull illustration on her bottom, and a bondage themed portrait of a person with hands clasped around their neck.

Hopefully, once Jill finally has the imperial eagle tattoo removed, she will be able to show people once and for all that she is in no way affiliated with any Nazi beliefs.

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