Giraffe Smashes Car Window At West Midlands Safari Park

by : UNILAD on : 09 Apr 2018 17:58

This is the dramatic moment a giraffe’s head got caught in the window of a panicked couple’s car as it went for their food.


The couple were visiting the West Midlands Safari Park with their window down when the animal stooped down into their car.

Unsure how to fend the giraffe off, a female passenger winds the window up only for the glass to completely smash on its face.

A car beside the couple filmed the entire thing, which you can watch here:


Visitors are permitted to feed the animals during certain parts of the drive-through safari experience.

But as per park regulations, windows should be kept half-shut. They are also advised to keep their hands stretched outside of any vehicle during the feeding.

The consequences of not abiding these rules can be seen in brutal proof, The Sun report.

One commenter wrote:

Maybe you are not worried about your safety, but it is your duty,when you go into a safari, to consider the safety of the inmates of the safari, the lovely giraffe in this case. That giraffe looks playful. instead of closing the glass she could have patted it. Missed a golden chance. Anyway, don’t do this with the tiger or wolves or hyena and never with the lions.

Another said:

Closing the window after the giraffe’s head is already inside – what a vile moron that woman is!


A third fumed:

Hope they’ve told her she’ll never, ever be welcome back. Shutting the giraffe’s head in the window is a sign of a complete idiot of a person. Embarrassing for her being so thick.

A spokeswoman from West Midlands Safari Park told The Sun:

As this incident is under investigation, we cannot currently comment.

However, the giraffe was checked over immediately by staff and sustained no injuries from the glass.

As per their website:

We pride ourselves on being a safe, entertaining and memorable day out for all, and hope our guests enjoy our fantastic wildlife, exhibits and Theme Park.

Although rare, animals can carry infections that are harmful to humans. It is important that you wash your hands with soap and warm water after touching or feeding the animals and before you eat or drink.

Let’s just hope the giraffe is okay and nobody attempts to feed them in this way again.

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  1. The Sun

    GIRAFFE 1, CAR 0 Window shatters on giraffe’s head after panicked couple wind it up when it reaches into car for food