Girl Catches Boyfriend Liking Other Girl’s Instagram Pictures In Next Room

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Aug 2018 15:23
Girl finds boyfriend liking girls pictures on Instagram.Girl finds boyfriend liking girls pictures on Instagram.Maleni Cruz

Hell hath no fury like the girlfriend who discovers her man is admiring ladies’ bottoms on Instagram.


One boyfriend went for a squat on the pot and – like many of us – brought along his phone to pass some pooping time.

Happily scrolling through pictures of barely covered rumps, the boyfriend was in his absolute element; blissfully oblivious to the fact his phone was connected to the screen in the lounge on Apple TV

Here the seething girlfriend sat, observing every movement of his thumb, every whim of his buttock stuffed mind…


Getting more and more enraged as arse cheeks continued to fill the screen, the girlfriend ominously fumed:

Look at this dumb motherf*cker.

He forgot his phone was on Apple TV. I see everything. You mad thirsty!

At one point, the boyfriend began commenting on a picture of two sets of round derrieres, remarking, ‘dammnnnnnnn’.

All the while, the girlfriend appeared to spark dangerously like an out of control Catherine Wheel, breathing:

Ohhh you want to comment?

Boy I dare you. God I dare you.

Luckily the dedicated behind inspector chickened out from actually posting the praise; hurriedly erasing his exclamation of approval in one fluid motion.


The girlfriend continued:

That’s what I thought, but you st-

At this point her thought process was interrupted by the sight of her boyfriend hovering over the cheeky pic, and liking it.

At this point she boiled over, big time, bellowing:

Oooo! You know what? You know f*cking what? You know f*cking what?

She proceeded to march over the bathroom, barging in on the Instagramming boyfriend and confronting him with his pants quite literally down.

A girlfriend is furious at her boyfriend for liking Instagram pics.A girlfriend is furious at her boyfriend for liking Instagram pics.Maleni Cruz

She asked him point blank what he was up to, to which he reasonably replied, ‘sh*tting’ and demanded she leave him ‘in peace’.

However, the girlfriend was having none of it, thundering:

That’s not what you doing?! Oh why are you looking at me stupid? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing!

Your dumba** forgot your phone was on Apple TV dumb b*tch. You out here thirsty!

Realisation finally dawning, the boyfriend hit back:


All up in my business for! Why you looking at my stuff for?

People who have watched the video cannot get enough of this millennial reincarnation of The Twits.

One person commented:

“I should of bought you water, you thirsty bitch !” Lol!this chick is a legend, his face haha!! Deer caught in the headlights.

However, others just didn’t get why the girlfriend was so angry; reasoning how the boyfriend was after all just admiring the bums rather than touching them.

One person said:

Am i the only girl on this planet who dont mind my man lookin? It aint like he was touching on em or flirting. He said “damn” its jus a compliment. Hell i look at booty too. I appreciate the female body just as much as he does. Like you jealous b*tches needa grow up

The debate continues…

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