Girl Claims She Discovered ‘Humanoid’ Creatures While Hiking With Mum

by : Emily Brown on : 06 May 2021 18:36
Girl Claims She Discovered 'Humanoid' Creatures While Hiking With Mum@chroniclesofolivia/TikTok

A TikTok user has left viewers mystified after claiming she discovered ‘humanoid’ creatures while out hiking in Washington with her mother. 

TikToker Olivia was inspired to share her story after seeing another user on the platform open up a discussion about ‘how people just vanish into thin air and are never found in national parks’.


In her video, Olivia explained her ‘unexplainable, controversial’ encounter took place in the summer of 2013 at Lena Lake in the Olympic National Park in Washington, when she and her mother were living in Seattle.

Check out the start of her story below:


In follow-up videos, Olivia told viewers there are ‘things’ that both she and the government know about but that the general public don’t, explaining, ‘They keep this a secret, and I understand because they don’t want to scare people.’

The TikToker went on to claim that there are ‘creatures’ or ‘humanoids’ that ‘are not yet classified as a species’ that live in national parks in the US. The beings are said to live ‘in perfect harmony with nature’, but they are considered controversial due to their lack of species classification.

Olivia claimed to have become aware of some unusual activity around Lena Lake while exploring alone while her mother remained at their campsite. She recalled walking along a mud embankment by the lake and seeing ‘hundreds and hundreds’ of what she described as ‘the weirdest footprints’ she had ever seen.


Showing an image of one of the ‘ginormous’, ‘inches-deep’ prints, Olivia drew attention to a line across the middle of the print and said it was a ‘midtarsal break’, a feature that is only found in primates.

Olivia commented: ‘This looks like a human footprint, but the science says that it’s not, because of the midtarsal break.’


The TikToker went on to say that all of the footprints came and went from the same spot, namely an opening in the woods by the side of the lake, despite the fact there are ‘no trails and no campsites’ across the entire mountain beyond and that rangers would issue tickets to anyone camping outside the designated area.

As she walked by the side of the lake, Olivia recalled feeling like she was ‘being watched’. She showed the footprints to her mum, who agreed they were strange, but despite the eerie feel of the area they went on to stay the night before leaving the next day.


The concept of the ‘humanoids’ has caught the attention of thousands of TikTokers, some of who responded to say they believed in the existence of such other species, with one writing, ‘Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there.’

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