Girl Collects Every Mosquito She Ever Killed

by : Julia Banim on : 13 Oct 2020 16:51
Girl Collects Every Mosquito She Ever Killed@zynapsed/Twitter

A young artist has revealed that she keeps every mosquito she kills, numbering her ‘victims’ in a rather macabre collection.

The girl, who tweets under the name Delisha Day, showed two pictures side by side as part of the currently very popular ‘how it started, how it’s going’ challenge.


For the ‘how it started’ image, Delisha can be seen to have caught one single mosquito, captioned with a celebratory ‘brooo I just caught a macchar [mosquito]’. By the second picture, things have taken a slightly darker and more dramatic turn…

For her ‘how it’s going’ photo, Delisha revealed a gruesome looking exercise book with a page which appears to have been torn straight from the ‘we’re concerned about our spooky child’ bit of a haunted house movie.

It would appear Delisha’s mosquito death toll has now surpassed the 80 mark, with the squished corpses taped side-by-side taped in chillingly orderly rows.


Now, as many of us know, it’s fun to collect things. I myself had a booming Beanie Baby collection as a kid and went on – in the same path as many a nerd before me – to collect colourful rocks and minerals.

However, there are some collections which are a little more niche than others, and not everybody is sure about Delisha’s unusual hobby.


One person shuddered:


When you realize this is actually a cemetery.

Another said:

I mean it’s very concerning but I’m impressed.

It’s unclear at the time of writing why exactly Delisha chooses to pursue this morbid pastime. Some have suggested she’s simply interested in entomology – the study of insects – while others have wondered whether or not she has a particular vendetta against mosquitoes.


UNILAD has reached out to Delisha for comment.

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