Girl Gives Ex T-Shirt He Thinks Says ‘I Love You’, But It Means Something Completely Different


When you get a t-shirt adorned with writing in a different language, surely the first thing to do is Google it.

This guy embarassed himself beyond belief after flaunting a t-shirt which he received from his ex-girlfriend that had the word ‘Benchod’ written on it.

The blissfully unaware guy thought it read ‘I love you’ and said it was a beautiful top… The truth of the matter was quite different.

The word ‘Bhenchod’ is a well-known Punjabi insult, and after seeing it, the person who asked the guy whether he knew what it meant, as well as many other Punjabi-speakers on Twitter, couldn’t contain their delight.

‘Bhenchod’ means ‘sister f*cker’ in Punjabi.

Hats off to the ex-girlfriend for this prank. It couldn’t have landed any better really.

He might take relief that his ex only pranked him with a t-shirt and didn’t park his Mercedes in his swimming pool like a New York banker got burnt the other week.