Girl Goes All Out Decorating Her Parents’ House For Halloween

houseChristine McConnell

It’s Halloween very soon and millions of people in Britain will be putting their terribly carved pumpkin in their windows and preparing the multi bag of Haribo – but they do things a little differently over in the States.

Especially on the street of Christine McConnell’s parents, who were treated to one insane display that covered an entire house this week.

Taking to Imgur to show off her impressive work, artist and photographer Christine explained how she transformed a few foam-core boards and cracked out the paint to produce what is one insanely cool horror home, and the internet can’t get enough of it.

EjLklONChristine McConnell

The final result is nothing short of incredible.

KbwPb6YChristine McConnell
L6xNLxHChristine McConnell

Christine’s talents, however, are not just limited to decorating houses, it turns out she makes some pretty unbelievable cakes…

He was getting a few finishing touches…

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I made a Gremlins cake…

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She’s a bit of a handful, too.

… That was the end of the date. ? Big thanks to my friend Matt ( playing Jason :D

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