Girl Live-Tweets Stranger’s Nightmare Date With Absolute Hipster W*nker

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If you’ve ever been to an independent coffee house then you know the sort of twat documented in this flurry of hair-pulling tweets. 

He’s a self-confessed writer who looks like James Franco, complains about the coffee beans being ‘over roasted’, and probably carries a copy of On The Road in his back pocket everywhere he goes – conveniently slipping it out at every opportunity he gets, yet never turning a page.

But this guy wasn’t alone, he was on a date, and a random passerby noticed that things were going pretty shite and decided to live tweet the date as it spiralled into a devastating mess.


Anne Theriault, the third wheel stranger, tweeted the date last year – but the observations are still just as funny today.

Read them in full below:


That early exit was definitely a good call.

Hopefully, our Catcher In The Rye wielding Lothario will find love sometime soon – or maybe he’ll just fall in love with himself a tad more.