Girl Makes Little Girl Cry After Eating A Flapjack In Greatest Story Ever Told


There are some stories, regardless of whether they’re true or not, which are so great, you want them to be true with every fibre of your being. 

This is one such story.

Shared on the reputable news page, The Archbishop of Banterbury, this story has it all – it’ll make you laugh, frightened and even cry!

Archbishop of Banterbury

Our hero, who goes nameless in the version The Archbishop shared, was out running errands for their mother, buying Rochester Ginger from Holland and Barrett.

Feeling a bit peckish, our hero grabbed a drink from the fridge – which boasted it was only 12 calories – along with a flapjack and paid for her hideously healthy snack, ignoring the shopkeeper’s strange reluctance to sell them the food.

Archbishop of Banterbury

It was a red flag they should have noticed!

Polishing off the flapjack and the drink – which apparenty tasted nasty – the unnamed person popped into Poundland to pick up a bargain, which is where the nightmare begins.

You see, while checking out the makeup section, the stomach of said person cramped up and they became aware they needed to go the bathroom.

Archbishop of Banterbury

Heading off to buy the reasonably priced tat and fantasising about the relief awaiting her/him in the bathroom, the situation in the bowel area became unmanageable.

The person in question was forced to make a quick run to the loo!

Unfortunately, the situation had deteriorated in the time it had taken to queue and like Seth Brundle slowly losing his humanity to the Fly DNA transforming his body, so was our hero’s body – being ravaged by the toxic brew in their belly, making it impossible to run.

Archbishop of Banterbury

Bottom clenched, our brave hero finally made it to the toilet and let loose the evil from their bowels.

Quite what came out of them, we don’t know, but we do know the person ‘could not stop sh*tting’, think Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting.

Checking out the drink they had purchased earlier, he/she realised why the shopkeeper had been so perplexed about selling the product – it was a detox drink which had purged her/his system of everything they had eaten.

Archbishop of Banterbury

Including the flapjack…

Things don’t stop there though, they somehow get worse!

You see, our poopy protagonist, in their haste, had gone into the baby changing room to relieve herself and people were now banging on the door.

Unfortunately, the poo would not stop.

Archbishop of Banterbury

Panicking about being caught childless, while pooing what seems to be an infinite turd, our hero did what any sane person would – they cried.

Finally pulling themselves together, the anonymous pooper managed to finally stop and make a break from the bathroom.

Unfortunately though, they’d been in there so long, a queue had formed, and upon leaving, a mother and daughter entered…

Archbishop of Banterbury
Archbishop of Banterbury
Archbishop of Banterbury

The smell immediately drove the girl to tears and our hero disappeared like a particularly crappy Houdini.

Of course, if we’re honest with ourselves we know this story’s probably not true?

Yet a man can dream how a fellow human being did such a stinky poo, they made a little girl cry, right?