Girl Pretends To Be Sex Doll After Being Caught Cheating


Anyone who cheats is guaranteed to try everything under the sun in an attempt to get away with it.

However, I can assure you that no-one has ever pretended to be a sex doll before which is simply the most ridiculous and stupid ‘trick’ yet.

In a video that has gone viral online, a young woman can be seen walking into a room where her half-naked boyfriend is dancing around with another woman in a similar state of undress.


Catching them red-handed you would think that there is no point him even coming up with an excuse as there is no way to get out of this one.

Well, you would be wrong as this plucky chap decided to try and convince his girlfriend that the girl wasn’t actually a real woman but a sex doll.

Yes, you really did read that right – a sex doll!


In the video the girlfriend can be seen bursting into the room yelling:

Aw hell no! What the f*** is going on here? Who the f*** is this?

Screaming at each other the boyfriend shouts back that the girl is a ‘sex doll’ which of course the girlfriend sensibly doesn’t believe.

She replies disbelievingly with:

This b***h is not no sex doll! She just moved.

Not giving up the boyfriend gives her numerous lines including ‘I don’t know why she is moving’, ‘it comes with reflexes’ and my personal favourite ‘I have a receipt’.

Meanwhile the ‘sex doll’ stands as frozen as she can be in the most cliched robot position you have ever seen.

Whether you believe the video to be fake or not you can’t argue with the fact it is hilarious!


Sex dolls have increasingly become a thing over recent years and they can now look like whoever you fancy dating.

That’s where the hideous creation of a Justin Bieber sex doll comes in which although wasn’t designed with Beebs in mind, fans can’t help but notice the likeness.

The so-called Bieber doll is 160cm tall (around 5ft 2in) and available on website AliExpress, a site that sells both male and female sex dolls.


Buyers also get to choose what penis size the doll comes with for the astonishing price of £1,000.

The doll’s description says:

This sex doll is made from the most advanced medical thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE) with a full metal skeleton.

It can flexibly do all sorts of different sexy poses.


Clearly the demand is there but really – a Bieber doll?!?