Girl Shares Guy’s Painfully Relentless Efforts To Chat Her Up

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Jul 2021 14:02
Girl Shares Guy's Painfully Relentless Efforts To Chat Her Upmickey.ruiz/TikTok

Attempting to flirt or chat someone up is all well and good when it’s clearly being welcomed and reciprocated, but when one participant is evidently uncomfortable, it’s time to give up. 

TikTok user Mickey Ruiz shared a perfect example of how not to chat someone up in a video shared to her account this week, where she filmed herself responding to a guy who came into the shop where she was working.


Mickey was stood behind the counter and pointed out that she was ‘just trying to do [her] job’ when the customer began asking her personal questions such as whether she was a student, what school she went to, where that school was and how old she was.

Guy asks TikToker how old she is (@mickey.ruiz/TikTok)@mickey.ruiz/TikTok

The TikToker responded with clipped answers, not giving the guy any more than she needed to and revealing on TikTok that she’d lied in some of her responses. Though she evidently wasn’t welcoming further conversation, the man continued to try and create some sort of spark by responding ‘am I though?’ after Mickey told him he was ‘all set’ with his purchase.

Check out his efforts here:


He went on to ask Mickey whether she had Instagram and told her she was ‘cute’. When she said no, and despite having already paid for whatever he was shopping for, he continued to hang around and ask Mickey if she ever went to the beach.

The video of the man’s relentless efforts was viewed more than six million times in less than 24 hours after Mickey shared it online, during which time it has also spread to the Reddit thread ‘r/Cringetopia’, with the caption: ‘he’s trying so hard it HURTS’.

Guy continues to flirt with TikToker (@mickey.ruiz/TikTok)@mickey.ruiz/TikTok

Many TikTokers have expressed their shock at the man’s refusal to give up, though one user named John responded to say that Mickey’s reaction was why he ‘hate[s] girls’. He added: ‘Lowkey they just b*tches most of the time. Like chill why you so stuck up for [sic]’.

In a video responding to John’s comment, Mickey argued she was not ‘required’ to give answers to the man’s ‘personal questions about [her] life’. She added that the video was evidence of her ‘trying to be safe’ because she wasn’t sure how the man would react if she were to outright reject him.

See her response below:

@mickey.ruizReply to @john.jimenez19 and women are the entitled and stuck up ones…♬ original sound – mickey serbia-ruiz

She continued: ‘Many women have been hurt, murdered because they said no. So I would rather take the precautions of me still responding even though I was clearly uncomfortable rather than just being “a b*tch” and somehow risking my life.’

Mickey has received a wealth of praise for her reaction to the comment, with many noting that John appears to have since deleted his criticism.


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