Girl Who ‘Had 50 Surgeries to Look Like Angelina Jolie’ Gets Dramatic New Look

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Aug 2017 19:44
Sahar Tabar/Instagram

She shocked the world with controversial pictures showing her face after an apparent 50 surgeries.


19-year-old Sahar Tabar was dubbed ‘The Girl Who Wanted To Look Like Angelina Jolie’, however the resemblance between these images and the Hollywood star were at best, questionable.

Instead, members of the public thought up much crueller nicknames for the Iranian teenager, such as ‘zombie’ and ‘corpse bride’.

These shocking Instagram pics sparked a fierce debate over whether or not these were genuine images of Sahar’s face, with many suspecting a hoax from the get-go.


One Reddit user Zaza9000 noted distortions and blurring within the much discussed images, suggesting some sort of Photoshop transformation.

Writing on Reddit, they said:

I do believe she got plastic surgery, but it’s more or less makeup and extremely exaggerating her features that she got done.

I’ve yet to figure out why other than just internet attention and fame?

I kinda took it for face value, something you should never do and I ran with it.

Reddit / Zaza9000/Sahar Tabar/Instagram

Eventually, the game was up and Sahar admitted people had been fooled by her unusual photographs.

Speaking with Sputnik, Sahar confessed:

This is Photoshop and makeup. Every time I publish a photo, I paint my face in an increasingly funny way.

It is a way of expressing yourself, a kind of art. My fans know that this is not my real face.

Although she admitted to having had various plastic surgeries, the amount was nowhere near the excruciating figure of fifty which was being banded about.


She also admitted to fibbing about her extreme dieting, revealing she had only dropped around 5-7kg in reality.

Sabar Tabar/Instagram

Confident Sahar also appeared to be completely unshaken by the criticism she’d received from all over the world, stating:

For me the most important thing in life is the approval of my family and God.

This approval is, that’s enough for me.

The opinion of other people does not bother me at all. I release negative opinions.

Sahar Tabar / Instagram

Now the dust has settled, Sahar has been showcasing a very different – but still characteristically dramatic – look.

A new Instagram pic shows Sahar sporting a glossy black mane, adorned with a golden crown, bracelet and ring.

Her flawless makeup makes her eyes look enormous and cat-like, lined with striking black kohl.

In fact she bears a startling resemblance to historic beauty Cleopatra. Could this be her new regal style inspiration?

For fashion guidance, she may have picked the ultimate muse – Roman statesman and historian Cassius Dio described dazzling Cleo in the following glowing terms:


For she was a woman of surpassing beauty and at that time, when she was in the prime of her youth, she was most striking; she also possessed a most charming voice and a knowledge of how to make herself agreeable to every one.

Her Instagram followers are loving this new Queenly look, one person commented ‘cool photo’ while another said ‘U r pretty’ with a red love heart.

A far cry from her Angelina Jolie wannabe days where she was regularly compared to ‘an eight month old corpse’.


It’s good to see Sahar getting some nice compliments at last and I have to say, she’s rocking the ancient Egypt look far more than she ever did Bizarro Jolie…

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