Girl Who Thinks She’s Madeleine McCann Gets Abuse Online


Claims made by a university student in which she believes she’s Madeleine McCann, have sparked outrage online.

Initially, Harriet Brookes messaged her friends to share her theory – which was intended to be a joke – after realising she had some incredible resemblances to the missing child who vanished in 2007, writing:

She wrote: ‘Right guys. I don’t usually believe in conspiracy theories but honestly I think I’m Madeleine McCann’.

However, Harriet’s ‘theory’ quickly went incredibly viral after screenshots from the group chat were posted on Twitter by her friend Elizabeth, reports Daily Mail.

Harriet shared a photo of herself and Madeleine when they were both children and it’s safe to say they look almost identical – this was followed up with ‘proof’ – the brown spot on her iris.

Finally she shared a photo of another brown spot on her left leg, very similar to one which Madeleine also has.


Now – as anyone with half a brain could figure, the post isn’t true. Harriet Brookes isn’t Madeleine McCann.

It’s impossible in numerous ways, one of them being that Madeleine would be significantly younger than Harriet.

It was meant as a joke, a poorly judged one perhaps, but a joke all the same.

However it hasn’t stopped Harriet from attracting countless abuse across the Internet.

One person wrote:

So in summing up: ‘Woman acts like a complete attention seeking idiot by announcing she is a missing child at least five years younger than she is.’ No you are not Madeleine love, I hope that clears that up!

More followed:

Hopefully the abuse dies down soon enough and Harriet learns her lesson from what’s clearly a poor joke gone very wrong, very wrong via the Internet.