Girl With ‘No Cartilage’ In Her Nose Says It’s Impossible To Break

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 Mar 2021 15:20
Girl With 'No Cartilage' In Her Nose Says It's Impossible To Breakellaforda/TikTok

A TikToker has revealed a fascinating condition: she doesn’t have any cartilage in her nose, so it can’t be broken. 

I can honestly say I have no bizarre quirks with regards to my body. I have a terrible back, and my wrists crack constantly – so not in the slightest bit interesting.


In response to a trend asking people to discuss their ‘weird genetic mutations’, Ella Ford-Amendolagi (@ellaforda) decided to share her own.

She explained, ‘So I have no cartilage in my nose. It’s a pretty typical nose, just from looking at it. But… you squish it down, pops right back up, can’t break it.’


The TikTok has already racked up more than four million views and nearly 10,000 comments, with one user writing, ‘Awesome, you should get into boxing/MMA.’

Another wrote, ‘Freaked me out at first but then I realised how cool and useful that is.’ A third commented, ‘I’ve been living with my nose for 15 years and I still had to make sure I couldn’t do what she just did.’


In a follow-up video in response to the many, many questions regarding her squishy nose, with some claiming she’s missing bones, the 22-year-old explained, ‘I have a nasal bone, of course… I’m just kind of lacking in that structural cartilage that people do have. I do have cartilage in my nose, it’s just more of an elastic type, I guess, I don’t know the technical terms for it.’

One user asked, ‘How have things been for you? No nasal problems or anything? Does anyone else in your family have this? It’s so interesting!’ Ella replied, ‘No nasal or breathing problems! Me my dad and sisters all have this.’

Another user wrote, ‘This is so interesting! Do you have a lack of cartilage anywhere else where cartilage is supposed to be? Like your ears or any joint problems?’ She replied, ‘Just my nose! Ears and joints are completely normal, passed down genetics from my dad.’

@ellafordaHad to give my dad some credit for passing down this trait. I guess my account is solely nose content now ##geneticmutation ##fyp ##family @shanefordam♬ Woah (feat. D3Mstreet) – KRYPTO9095

Another user asked if there was any pain when she got her nose pierced, anticipating there not to be considering how easily it can be pushed down. However, Ella said it was her most painful piercing.

Elsewhere on a similar post on Reddit, with someone claiming they don’t have any cartilage in their nose, a nose doctor in the comments explained the situation.

They wrote, ‘I am a nose doctor (yes really). You have cartilage in your nose. Otherwise, you’d have no shape to it and it would collapse on its own.’


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Ella Ford-Amendolagi/TikTok
  1. Ella Ford-Amendolagi/TikTok