Girl’s Dad Pretended Her Mum Worked In CIA For Six Years And She Had To Keep It Secret

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 11 Mar 2021 13:10
Girl's Dad Pretended Her Mum Worked In CIA For Six Years And She Had To Keep It Secretmorallygreyismyfavcolor/TikTok

We’ve all been told white lies by our parents as kids – cough, Santa Claus – but this dad’s lie to his daughter takes the prize for creativity.

One TikToker recalled how her father told her when she was six years old that her mum was a former CIA agent, and swore her to secrecy.


Simply known as Sydney, she went on to tell her 1.1 million followers that she kept this secret for six whole years – basically a lifetime in terms of kids’ secret-keeping abilities.

Initially her dad was reluctant to tell her because her mum could ‘get in trouble’ if people found out, which only fuelled Sydney’s intrigue.


Joking that ‘Momma didn’t raise no snitch’, she swore to her dad that she’d keep the secret, and after he told her, it didn’t come up again until she was 12 years old.


Sydney then explains how it ended up all coming out eventually: 

Mum’s talking about some ice cream job she used to have and I go, ‘Mum, it’s OK. I know. I’ve always known.’ She goes, ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘Mum, dad told me. You used to work for the CIA. I know. I haven’t told anyone.’

She then said that her mum asked her, ‘What the f*ck are you talking about?’ before her dad came over and admitted that it was all a joke because her mum ‘knew everything’.

Great joke from dad, even better commitment to the secret from Sydney.


Since sharing the hilarious video at the end of December, it has been liked more than 720,000 times and commented on over 2,000 times.

One fellow TikToker who’s comment received almost 20,000 likes read, ‘Plot twist: your mom did work for the CIA and she lied to you about not working for the CIA and you accidentally just told a load of people.’


Someone else wrote, ‘[Your] Dad was waiting 6 years to say that punchline.’

A third TikToker commented on how it was lucky she did keep the secret so she didn’t have to admit to loads of people that it was all a lie. They said, ‘Imagine if you did snitch and you had to tell everyone is wasn’t true.’


Many others related to Sydney’s story and recalled their own experiences of white lies that their parents told them.


One guy wrote that his mum told him she was allergic to cats so they couldn’t get one, when really it turned out she was just scared of them. I mean, cats can be a bit scary, I guess?

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