Glitter Bum Is The Next Big Instagram Trend

by : UNILAD on : 20 Mar 2017 17:06

If you were wondering which ridiculous trend you were going to see at festivals this summer, it’s glitter bum.


Does exactly what is says on the tin really: glitter on your bum.

Glitter experts The Gypsy Shrine seem to be replacing most clothing with a layer of glitter, and it’s catching on.

Apparently the glitter bum was inspired by a trip to a festival in the Sahara desert, where people had sandy bums.


Plenty of commenters are saying they would love a glitter bum, followed by all the peach emojis.

The Gypsy Shrine’s trend comes after their famous glitter boobs.

They are calling it their ‘glitter bootay’, and people are calling for them to come to festivals all over the world.

They even have instructions for how to do it to yourself (apparently the secret is to use vo5 Perfect Hold Styling Gel to hold on liberal amound of glitter.

It looks fun for like a second, and then you just realise how impractical and itchy that would be.

Also, how do you get that shit off? I swear you still find pieces of glitter on your body a year after you wore it.

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