Gold ‘Relic’ Mystifies Archaeologists For Months, Facebook Solves Case In Hours


A ‘relic’ unearthed by a grounds keeper in a Jerusalem cemetery kept archaeologists busy for months, but social media users nailed the answer in a matter of minutes.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, the golden object was delivered to Israel’s Archaeological Authority six months ago, but they were incapable of solving the mystery.

They gave up and in a ‘hail mary’ move posted to their Facebook page to get help from followers, and they provided the answer within hours – it is a new age ‘energy healer’.

**English translation below**

שאפו לגולש מיכה ברק מאיטליה, ולכל מי שלקח חלק בפתרון תעלומת החפץ מבית הקברות הירושלמי!


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The device was actually manufactured in Germany and is known as an ‘Isis Beamer’, a reference to the Egyptian goddess of healing, magic and nature.

Some guessed it was a fancy rolling pin – which is probably a more legitimate use – but Italian Micah Barak made the correct ID and was even invited to the Antiquities Authority National Treasures Department of Israel to confirm it.

The authority has said:

The wisdom of the masses has done its part.

We hope that those responsible for hiding the object in the cemetery will contact us, tell us why it was buried in the ancient structure and to whom amongst the dead and buried they wanted to give positive energy.

The mystery continues…