Google Earth Explorers Discover Creepy ‘Dinosaur Skeleton Room’

by : Emily Brown on : 03 May 2021 14:39
Google Earth Explorers Discover Creepy 'Dinosaur Skeleton Room'Google Maps

A creepy room pictured on Google Earth has caught the attention of Reddit users after one poster shared images of the ‘weird’, skeleton-filled space. 

I think most people have a place in their homes dedicated to random items, whether it’s a drawer full of old cables, memorabilia from years past, or skeletons.


Obviously the latter is a more niche collection of objects, and one that would probably be more suited to a museum, but it’s obviously not entirely out of the question because that’s exactly what one person has squirreled away.

Butterflies and piano in creepy room (Google Maps)Google Maps

The room has been pointed out by Reddit user u/greaterwaagh, who took to the Reddit page ‘r/googlemapsshenanigans’ last week to share their discovery, which appears to be located somewhere in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of establishment the room belongs to, but if the contents is anything to go by then the owner certainly has a lot of different interests.


The Reddit user shared a couple of images of the room on the social media page, though they also included a Google Maps link which allows viewers to get a more immersive, 360-degree experience.

As well as some not-so-unusual household items such as an Xbox controller, a piano and some framed pictures, the room contains a number of smaller, white, clay-like objects, as well as two larger skeletons that look to belong to dinosaurs.

Clay objects laid on table (Google Maps)Google Maps

The room is also home to what looks to be a ping-pong table, a collection of colourful butterflies and a couple of items of clothing that have been laid out on the floor.


The strange, admittedly creepy collection of items quickly gained the attention of other Google Earth fans on the Reddit thread, with one questioning, ‘What is even happening here’, while another wrote: ‘The fact that there are random items on the floor make it creepier.’

Dinosaur skeleton (Google Maps)Google Maps

One Reddit user suggested the white objects may have something to do with ‘stop motion shenanigans’, while others wondered why the room appeared to be located in the middle of the ocean.

Needless to say, there are a lot of weird and wonderful things in the world, and Google Earth only offers a small insight into what’s out there. While a collection of dinosaur skeletons is definitely a strange thing to keep in your house, I’ve no doubt there are a lot of other rooms that would give the scene a run for its money.


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