Google Earth Traveller Has Found The Weirdest Corners Of The World


Google Earth Traveller Has Found The Weirdest Corners Of The

A TikToker has dedicated a page to finding the weirdest corners of Google Earth, and it’s safe to say Earth is a strange place.

Known as on TikTok, the person behind it all randomly zooms in on different areas of Google Earth and finds the weirdest things.


From mermaids and aliens, to Batman and ghostly figures,  there isn’t anything the Google Earth explorer hasn’t found.

One video shared recently zooms into a random location to discover what looks like a person wearing a Scream mask hiding under a bridge, or Salad Fingers themself.


The clip shared last month has generated an impressive 72,600 likes.

Another video shows what looks to be an office space, when the TikToker zooms in on a blurry figure that appears to be hiding behind a small wall.

That’s not the strange part, however, because as they move round further, they find a random guy dressed as Batman crouched in a wall opening.

One person suggested that the person dressed up was a cosplayer, while someone else commented that it ‘scared [them] half to death’ when the person dressed as Batman appeared.


I’m sure we can all agree we weren’t expecting that.

Another one of their videos shows the moment a Google Earth van perfectly captured a hare defying gravity.


Seeing the clip, you’d think it wasn’t real, but, fun fact, a hare can jump a whopping 11.9 feet in the air. That’s pretty much one and half Shaquille O’Neals!

Someone wrote, ‘This is superman now cuz superman gave him his powers to be that bunny [sic],’ while another TikToker said, ‘But can say that pigs can fly, but bunnies can fly.’


A fourth video shows something that looks like it could be a poster for a new horror movie. In the TikTok, they zoom in on a forest area to find a gate with a young girl stood in the distance looking back at them while wearing a black dress.

Anyone else getting Orphan vibes?

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