Granny Mistakes Grandson’s Sex Toys For Thermal Socks, Has Trouble Taking Them Off

by : Lucy Connolly on : 10 Jul 2019 08:00
Granny Mistakes Grandson's Sex Toys For Thermal Socks, Has Trouble Taking Them Off@ analKABAO/Twitter

I’m just throwing it out there now: there would be nothing worse in this world than your grandparents finding your sex toys.

I mean, it’d be bad enough if your parents found your secret stash – but throw your grandparents into the mix and you’ve somehow reached a whole new level of embarrassment, even if you didn’t think that was previously possible.


One man knows all about how embarrassing that scenario would be though – and then some – after his grandma decided to wear his sex toys, all the while thinking they were thermal socks. Face. Palm.

Take a look at the hilarious moment he realised what had happened below:


The man, from Japan, walked into his grandma’s room to realise she had something familiar on her feet.


His innocent grandma had come across his (two) fleshlights while searching for some thermal socks, and thought she’d hit the jackpot when she saw them. That is, until she put them on her feet and realised there was something, erm, different about them.

After discovering his grandma using his sex toys (for a wholly different function as to how he’d been using them), the man had to tell her the true purpose of the ‘socks’ before asking her to take them off. Yikes.

Sex toys socks@ analKABAO/Twitter

However, as you can imagine, she had some difficulty taking the sex toys off her feet and so her red-faced grandson had to step in to help.


Luckily, he could see the funny side of it all and his grandma didn’t seem too bothered either. And hey, it makes for a hilarious video, so at least there’s that.

The man posted the entire process to his Twitter page (because why not), with the entire thing being so wholesome I can’t quite cope.

Just look at her:


Thieves Steal £1 Million Worth Of Sex Toys From Lorry Parked In Lay-By

published at2 years ago

The duo eventually managed to get the ‘socks’ off her feet, although it did take quite a while and definitely wouldn’t have been accomplished by the grandma alone.

The fleshlights survived the traumatic ordeal, with the man offering them to anyone who wants them after saying he could no longer use them after knowing they’d been on his grandma’s feet.

Which, y’know, is totally understandable – especially because it’s not known exactly how long she had them on for.


At least he kept his lube out of sight.

I think the moral of the story here folks is to ensure your sex toys are locked up and kept at a safe distance from your granny at all times.

Unless you wanna leave them lying around to see if you can beat this hilarious episode, although I’m just throwing it out there – I don’t think that’s possible.

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