Gran’s Savage Resignation Letter Is How Everyone Should Quit Their Job


In the ever-poignant words of Blink-182: “Work sucks. I know.” 

It’s 6pm on a Thursday evening, you’re feeling under-appreciated, your colleagues aren’t listening to your suspicions that the boss is practising for a role in Django Unchained and – to top it all – the coffee machine has eaten your new one pound coin.

Millennials actually hate the idea of work so much we enlisted Rihanna to entirely change its meaning.


Well, one lady has had enough of the passive aggressive work place bullshit and has quit with all the style and finesse of a fantastically sassy wrecking ball.

Meet Marlene, the grandma who knows how to submit a resignation letter and burn all further bridges in exactly 38 short and not-so-sweet words.

Her granddaughter, Kaitlyn McGrory, shared the expertly expressed letter on Twitter:

While some observers doubt the legitimacy of Kaitlyn’s tweet, and the resignation letter, others – who are presumably miserable in their jobs – live in hope that one day the spirit of Marlene will inspire them to seek out a new, more fulfilling path.

Marlene is clearly better suited to a job as a cowboy on a ranch somewhere warm Out West, anyway, judging by her epic sign off.

Respect to Marlene for making ‘Yee Ha’ happen.