Graphic Images Of Northern Irish Woman Attacked By Spider In Bed

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Look away now if you don’t like spiders. Or oozing sore-covered limbs. The following broadcast contains graphic imagery.

A Northern Irish woman almost lost her leg after being bitten by a False Widow spider recently.


Aideen Hynes was bitten by the spider in her bed, and her leg became so infected doctors feared they might have to cut away part of the flesh, as the poison spread down to her foot.

Luckily, after an intensive course of antibiotics and antihistamines she eventually recovered.


She said:

My leg was completely swollen and it was scabbing over – it was oozing with pus and I couldn’t walk. It was awful.

I had to be given crutches. I thought I was going to lose my leg. It got so painful I was ready to chop off my own leg.

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Her husband caught the spider, but instead of murdering it he let it loose out the back of the house.

The spider was last seen at Belfast Airport boarding a flight to England, so be extra vigilant when you get into bed tonight.