Guns Swapped For Dildos As Man Hilariously Edits Photos Of Republican Politicians

Matt Haughey/Twitter

The frequency of gun related crimes in America should serve on their own as enough reason for stricter gun control laws, but as the nation continues to struggle on that front one man is highlighting the issue in hilarious fashion.

Matt Haughey, senior editor at Slack, has taken to Twitter to poke fun at gun toting Republican politicians, switching their weapons for dildos.

Matt has produced a string of top notch edits and has actively been taking image requests from followers.

And that is precisely what everyone did.

And the biggest penis of them all…

Outstanding work Matt, and he is set to let the world in on the fun.

If only guns were as harmless as a small, or incredibly large depending on your preference, humble dildo then America would be a safer place.