Guy Accidentally Conducts The Most Inappropriate Job Interview Ever


Job interviews are always pretty awkward but usually for the interviewee, not the interviewer!

However, one Redditor confessed to making a pretty embarrassing mistake while interviewing someone for a job at their office.

He explained that the company where he worked were looking to hire a couple of employees last week, and he’d been put in charge of interviewing potential candidates.


However, the first applicant arrived two hours early, so the poor guy had to quickly scramble to gather all the stuff he’d need for the interview. His boss also told him to grab a clipboard so they could make notes. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find one, so instead grabbed a large note pad.

About halfway through the first interview the applicant began acting funny. What made it strange was how professional they’d been up until our Redditor began taking notes.

The Redditor describes him as ‘nervously laughing and looking around the room, not making eye contact’. Even weirder he refused to shake his hand at the end of the interview.

interview 1

The boss was eager to find out about the interview, since the first candidate looked absolutely perfect on paper. He was in the middle of telling her about the interviewee’s weird behaviour when her eyes went wide and she started laughing uncontrollably, pointing at the stack of notes in his hands.

Flipping over the note pad, he discovered the message:

Would you like to join me for dinner tonight, beautiful?

The forgetful Redditor had written the note two years earlier in permanent marker when asking a girl out! What a tit.

As embarrassing as it is for the interviewer, think of the poor guy who came in for a job interview. He came expecting a job and left thinking someone had tried to lure him into an extremely inappropriate man-date with another dude.