Guy Asks Nightclub To Take Down Photo Of Him And His Ex, Their Response Is Perfect



A quick tip: If you’re going to go sneaking around with your ex behind your other half’s back it’s always best to make sure that the two of you don’t go posing for photos in busy nightclubs.

Unfortunately for one guy he forgot this simple piece of advice and got caught on camera hanging out with his ex-girlfriend at Level nightclub in Bolton. It gets worse – the club then posted the troublesome snap to their Facebook page for all to see.

In a desperate attempt to cover his tracks, the mystery reveller got in touch with the club and very honestly explained the situation,asking to remove the photograph from their social media:

Level , whose initial demand for £10,000 and some Haribo Tangfastics (the best Haribo), was kind enough to delete the photo of the guy and his ex, however the screenshot of their conversation – which they shared – has gotten more than 10,000 likes on Facebook and been retweeted on Twitter over 260 times.

The guy better just pray that all the attention doesn’t somehow lead his girlfriend to discover what was actually going on or else all his hard work will have been in vain. Naughty boy.