Guy Asks Twitter Who Famous Person In His Selfie Is, Gets Hilarious Replies


The situation went like this, a guy spots a celeb, takes a picture, asks Twitter for advice on who the guy is and got completely owned by the response. 

I’m not exactly sure where this boy was (he says his age is 22, but he looks about 10) although it looks like it could be an airport.

He takes it upon himself to take a sneaky selfie with this chap in the background and posts it to Twitter, asking for help, Dangerous Minds reports.

He captioned the image with:

Does anybody know who this is?

Obviously not satisfied with the replies and still confused as to why hoards of people were flocking to take a snap with this alleged famous person, he takes another pic.

This time, he opted for a full-frontal selfie with the celeb and once again sent another pleading tweet out into the Twitterverse.

This time, his ominous tweet earn’t him a lot more traction, scoring 3k retweets and double that amount for likes.

It’s not clear whether the self-confessed ‘stand-up comedian’ and ‘wannabe gay icon’ actually knew who this man was and just decided to fool his followers, or whether he was completely oblivious to his existence.

For the record and in case you still don’t know who the ‘celeb’ pictured is, it’s Nick Cave, an Australian musician singer-songwriter in the band Nick and the Bad Seeds (this bit of crucial information will really help when you see the responses he got.)

In true Twitter style, they responded in full force, not missing a beat to tease the innocent rookie.

Some people got creative with their responses:

This one’s a favourite and seems legit:

I don’t think the poor kid is any the wiser…

Boaby who runs the pub in Scotland is definitely a good shout though…