Guy Books Plane Tickets For Random Stag Do After Drunkenly Becoming Friends


A Scotsman woke up in disbelief on Saturday morning, April 24, after flicking through his screenshots to find he had booked a £209 flight to Budapest for a random guy’s stag do he’d met the night before.

25-year-old Connor went out in Edinburgh to watch the Scotland game followed by a night of techno, but in his drunken state, he made very good friends with a group of 30 lads in the smoking area of the club.

Before he knew it, he was invited to Budapest at the end of June for a stag do. When the stag challenged him saying he wouldn’t actually come, resolute Connor got his phone out and purchased the tickets right in front of them.


This is all from the memory of his friend though, as Connor had to retrace his steps after waking up to find the screenshot the next day.

Speaking to UNILAD, Connor said:

Me and my mate went for dinner, ended up at a club and started talking to this guy in the smoking area. He was talking about his stag do and I was like ‘we’ll come!’. He was like ‘no you won’t, no you won’t, prove it’.

So I booked the flights right there and then totally forgot about it. I woke up and got a text from Jet 2 confirming the flight booking. I was like ‘what have I done?’ and then I checked my bank and £209 had gone out.

I don’t know the guy’s name or anything, just met him for five minutes in the smoking area. They’re all like 40-years-old as well. I can’t remember what he looks like.

I’m going to go though. I’m just going to turn up on my own.


Connor tweeted a photo of his booking confirmation, and wrote:

I’ve had a stinker. Woke up to a text from Jet2 saying I’d booked flights to Prague [sic] (£209) to a random boy’s stag do I met last night in Edinburgh. Why do I do this.

He accidentally wrote the wrong place name and quickly commented to correct it to ‘Budapest’, before receiving a comment from Jet 2 saying ‘we hope you still manage to have a great time’.

His tweet received over 8k likes, with lots of people finding his drunken spending spree hilarious.


Despite not remembering what the guys look like, Connor plans to make the journey to Budapest on his own and hopefully find the group of ’30 odd’ guys while he’s there.

Connor continued:

I was still drunk when I woke up, but when I came round I almost started crying but then started laughing.

I do a lot of silly things on a night out, my pals are just laughing about it.


He dropped over £200 on a random holiday but said he’s ‘buzzing’ because ‘you have to live life don’t you’.

Bravo for the attitude. If he finds the stag party in Budapest, this whole charade has got to be worth a few pints.

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