Guy Dives In Water To Swim With ‘Harmless Shark’, It Was Not Harmless

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 28 Sep 2020 09:57
Guy Dives In water To Swim With 'Harmless Shark', It Was Not HarmlessMrDerpzz/Reddit

While most people would run for the hills upon seeing a shark’s fin appear in the water, this guy decided to jump in and swim with it. 

The confident individual was under the impression it was a basking shark; something which is often described as a ‘gentle giant’.


Basking sharks are the second largest fish to swim the world’s oceans and can be spotted in an array of places: from the north and south Pacific Ocean, to southern Australia and around New Zealand.


Despite their six tonne sized bodies, basking sharks only eat zooplankton making them harmless to humans. With this in mind, the guy in the video confidently jumped into the water to swim with it.

It wasn’t until he’d already taken the plunge that his friend on board realised it wasn’t the shark they thought it was and shouted to warn his friend.


Soon after jumping in, the guy goes, ‘that was a bad idea’, and starts swimming back to the boat. His friend casually shouts to him, ‘That’s not a basking shark, dude’.

Watch the tense moment here:


It’s unknown what happened next but hopefully, following the friend’s super calm attitude, the swimmer safely got back onto the boat. It’s also unknown what type of shark it actually was.


The video that was shared on Reddit yesterday, September 27, has so far been upvoted over 40,000 times.

One person commented on it, ‘So many words of wisdom here.. “I touched it” “that was a bad idea” “that’s not a basking shark dude”‘.

Someone else commented on the fact it was unlikely to have been a basking shark. They said, ‘There are all kinds of sharks in the waters you know? Hammerheads, white tips, blues, makos and the chances that these bozos got a basking shark –it’s a hundred to one.’


Another Reddit user joked:

This is easily my favorite all-time horror/adventure film. There’s an incredible amount of tension throughout and the payoff is one-in-a-million. I love every moment of this movie. I didn’t want to so much as take a bath after seeing this for the first time.

Someone else wrote, ‘This is honestly the scariest video I think I’ve ever seen. My feet were hanging over the edge of the mattress until I watched this shit.’

I don’t think the guy in the video will be going swimming any time soon.


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