Canadian Guy Drinks Bottle Of Food Colouring Every Day To See If Pee Turns Blue

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 Feb 2020 18:23
Canadian Guy Drinks Bottle Of Food Colouring Every Day To See If Pee Turns Blue@coltyy/TikTok

In the name of science, a TikTok user drank food colouring every day to see if his pee turned blue. As you do.

Introducing Canadian TikToker @coltyy, who kick-started the dodgy trend in an effort to track how food colouring affected his urinary tract.


Through 10 days of sweet, blue, inky beverages, Colton – who has more than 2.4 million followers on the platform – lived his best smurf life, as thousands stayed tuned.

Check it out:

@coltyyDay 1/5 of drinking blue food coloring! 😂💧Also it’s harmless guys don’t worry! 😊♬ I Love It (In the Style of Kanye West & Lil Pump) [Karaoke Version] – Instrumental King


The blue food colouring idea was conceived as a five-day challenge. In his first video, Colton explains that he is going to drink a full colouring capsule in a glass of water every day for five days to see if his pee will indeed turn blue.

However, as the videos progressed, it soon expanded into a larger challenge. At some points, he even had dreams that he turned into a smurf. ‘Day three of drinking blue food coloring! Will I turn into a Smurf?’ he later wrote.

Blue Food Colouring TikTok @coltyy 2@coltyy/TikTok

He seems to appear bluer and bluer as the days go on. With his whole mouth stained blue, he uploaded another video captioned: ‘Day eight of drinking blue food coloring! I might be turning blue…’


The question we’re all thinking (and the reason you clicked this article) is: did it work? In a word: absolutely.

@coltyyIt’s blue face baby! 🤪🔵 Day 11 of drinking blue food coloring! 😂 ( It’s harmless) slampson #fyp #foryou♬ Hombre Religioso (Religious Man) – Mr. Loco

On day 10, he uploaded a video saying: ‘Number one, my pee has turned blue. Number two, my poop has turned blue too. Number three, I’m turning blue. My skin’s blue guys and my hair is even turning blue. It’s getting wild.’


There you go, drinking food colouring for 10 days will eventually turn your urine a shade of blue. Of course, it’s not actually a wise thing to try – to the point that TikTok have added the following warning to his videos: ‘The action in this video could result in injury.’

Food colourings are an artificial additive, ergo they all have e-numbers – some of which are linked to hyperactivity in children (there are also theories, albeit tenuous, that food colouring is also carcinogenic). So maybe don’t let your little one loose on the new TikTok trend.

It hasn’t stopped some other follower-thirsty users online, with others downing blue and green colouring in a bid to see if they reap the same results (as well as getting more attention, probably).


TikTok – the hub of inane silliness.

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