Guy F*cks Up Badly Trying To Pull A Sickie At Work


We’ve all had days on which the thought of work evokes a slight panic, cold sweats and a sickening feeling in your stomach… and not just because of the hangover.

On those mornings after the nights before, when your brain is working at half speed and your thoughts turn to how long before you can get back into bed, it’s often a real struggle to come up with a legitimate excuse as to why you won’t be showing up bright and early at 9am, raring to go like the pillar of society you know yourself to be.

One man who knows this better than most is Mark McLelland.


The young Glaswegian man woke up at 07.45 so he could text his boss to let him know he was ‘sick’.

Unfortunately, all Mark managed to prove with his limp attempt at pulling a sickie was that the diligent employee is a ‘fuckin weapon’, in the words of his unimpressed boss.

Realising his mistake, Mark shared the text conversation on Twitter and like all classic relateable content, the funny exchange went viral.

At time of writing, the post had over 20,000 likes – which probably means Mark can give up his day job and start a YouTube channel or monetise his Twitter account now.