Guy Finds Two Massive Dildos Hidden Behind Toilet In Hotel Room

by : Julia Banim on : 19 Nov 2019 18:22
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I personally love it when I get to stay in a hotel with few cheeky extras in the room; unexpected items that add a little ‘demanding celeb’ ambience to your otherwise mundane travelling plans.


I’m talking little boxes of shower caps by the sink, tartan packets of shortbread on your bedside table. Or miniature bottles of shampoo and conditioner you can sneak home in a bid to channel the novelty of hotel life for one more hairwash.

I particularly enjoy it when there’s a few Twinings Earl Grey tea bags by the kettle, making me feel like a character from The Crown. However, I must say I’ve never been gifted a pair of complimentary used dildos.


Somewhat bizarrely, this was the unwanted hotel room extra discovered by actor Scott Paige while staying in a Travelodge in Aylesbury for a couple of days on business.


After lifting up a loose bathroom ledge, Scott, 29, was more than a little bit perplexed to discover two sizeable dildos stashed behind the loo; apparently left by a guest who had been taking a little time out for relaxation.

Scott told UNILAD:

It’s not really the strangest thing I could find, it’s more the story behind them – why they were hidden behind the toilet? Did the last customers leave them there?

Do they belong to the staff, and during their break they go to that specific room for some fun? I was just a bit confused about it all to be honest!

Revealing his R-rated discovery via a Twitter vid, Scott expressed how startled he had been by the dildos, all the while firmly emphasising they didn’t belong to him.

You can watch the hilarious video for yourself below:

Scott’s video, which has been liked nearly 5,000 times at the time of writing, has had people in hysterics, with many pondering whether the good people of Travelodge had included the sex toys as part of a new deal.

One person jested:


Yeah but were they included in the price of the room? …. Or extra like breakfast?

Another joked:

Maybe this is the new millennial version of the Gideon bible

After the initial confusion wore off, alarm set in, with Scott telling UNILAD:

Then I started thinking how inappropriate it was. If a family was staying in that room with kids and they found them, that would have been horrific!

Also because they were placed behind the toilet next to the water mains and sink, I didn’t want to use the sink just in case any contamination had accrued!

Scott added:

The lady at reception was VERY embarrassed and very sorry about the whole thing. She offered me a voucher of £100 and said customer service will be in touch. They did [get in touch] but nothing was resolved.

As of yet – and perhaps unsurprisingly – nobody has come forward to claim the dildos.


UNILAD has reached out to Travelodge for comment.

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