Guy Fires Shotgun Terminator Style Instantly Regrets It


Let this video be a lesson for all you gun nuts out there – unless you’re a murderous cyborg sent back in time to kill Kyle Reese, don’t try and fire a shotgun one handed.

The frankly brutal footage shows an unknown guy attempting to fire his shotgun one-handed, Terminator style, but as he pulls the trigger the recoil forces him to lose his grip, launching the weapon straight back into his face.


Thankfully, the guy’s mates were on hand to help their injured friend, and by ‘help’ I mean point and laugh as he dazedly walks away, blood pouring from a cut in his forehead.

By the way, this is how you’re supposed to do it…


Of course, it probably helps that Arnie was in a film and not actually firing a gun or maybe because he’s a super strong cyborg, it’s difficult to tell.

Either way, as much as it must have hurt being hit in the face with a gun it’s got to be better than being hit with the other end…