Guy Gets Absolutely Awful Tribute To ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl


If you’re going to get a tattoo it’s probably not a good idea to get an internet celebrity – also make sure your tattoo artist knows how to draw.

The problem with internet celebrities is their ‘careers’ are notoriously short-lived. When was the last time you thought about Star Wars Kid?

You know what isn’t temporary and fleeting like fame found on the internet? Tattoos.

Unlike the YouTube money from Purple Rain, tattoos last a very long time. So it is probably a really bad idea to get a tattoo of an internet ‘celebrity’.

I been down so long it look like up to me / ? @liz01 ??& makeup @wanthy ? @jayboogie

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That said, ever since uttering her immortal catch phrase on Doctor Phil ‘Cash me outside girl’ is super hot property right now, charging crazy money for public appearances.

While other internet stars and memes have seen the glamour fade quickly, 14-year-old Danielle Bregoli has a lot of time ahead of her to launch a career off the back of her 15-seconds of fame.

With fame come fans.

And with fans come the ever-so-slightly unhinged, as this dubious tattoo proves:

Y'all crazy af! I love y'all tho ❤️??

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I’m reluctant to insult someone’s permanent life choice but not even taking the subject matter into consideration, that is an awful, awful quality tattoo.

Then again the tattoos around it don’t look to be of the greatest craftsmanship.

I wonder if Dr Phil does laser removal?