Guy Gets Brutal Revenge On Ex After She Refuses To Give Phone Back


This guy ended up in a pretty nightmarish situation but managed to deal with it like a pro and posted the results online for all to see. 

Enter Imgur user, .

The user was left in quite the predicament when an ex-girlfriend blatantly refused to give him his phone back which he had bought for her as a gift.

He posted a log of their texts on the photo sharing site, starting with:


Admittedly things seem a little sketchy, but technically the phone is his. Although the ex just can’t seem to grasp that:


The ex-girlfriend just doesn’t seem to want to let go of the phone – so what imgurwhyudodistome does next is nothing short of brutal savagery.


Ouch. And she didn’t take the erasing too well…


Imgurwhyudodistome concluded the post with the bold but appropriate meme below:


In my own opinion, it’s hard to see who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong. The phone was technically his, but he had given it away as a gift.

However what’s utterly undeniable is that the ex-boyfriend dealt with this situation perfectly.


Joseph Loftus

Joseph Loftus

Joseph Loftus is a Gold Standard NCTJ journalist with four years experience working for international and regional press.As well as working for UNILAD and LADbible, Joseph has worked as Liverpool Correspondent for Unsigned & Independent Magazine, as well as stints with the Liverpool Echo and Warrington Guardian.