Guy Gets Ruined After Creepy DM To Girl About ‘Sexy’ Tattoo


Most guys who slide into a girls’ DMs don’t get shown up on Twitter, but this one made a hilarious mistake that had to be shared.

Zara, a college student from Manchester, took an innocent mirror selfie, posted it on her Instagram story and was later met with a third message from a random guy.

The brave triple-texter decided to try his luck again after his initial messages of ‘yum’ and ‘another level of sexy’ didn’t have the desire effect, and instead took an inquisitive approach, asking about Zara’s tattoo.


Speaking to UNILAD, Zara said:

Basically I was in McDonald’s waiting for my friend so I checked my Instagram requested DMs and I found the same guy who has been trying to speak to me before had asked about a tattoo.

I immediately clocked that it was the logo on my mirror on the picture I posted earlier that day on my story. I’m considering actually getting it done so my fans recognise me.

I found it hilarious, I usually get many weird DM requests but I felt that one topped it off because it was so funny and my friends all think it’s hilarious.

I’ve also had quite a few people message me saying they thought the same thing.

I think it is all a bit mad really, it’s just blown up when I didn’t really expect it to be so popular because I don’t think it’s that funny.


At first glance the No7 brand label does look a bit like a tattoo on Zara’s arm so it’s fairly understandable, but anyone who knows the high street shop Boots fairly well, will know that their own brand make-up range is called No7.

The mystery man never got a reply from Zara, but her tweet got over 24k likes and 2.5k retweets, so maybe he’ll realise his error soon and that he’s Twitter famous.


Zara continued:

I do wish I did reply to him at the time and kept the joke ongoing like, ‘ah yes it’s a tattoo and means this!’ Just to see his response but I feel like it’s too late now

The guy got pretty ruined on Twitter, with one user deconstructing him, saying:

The fact that it’s in a mirror so would have been tattooed backwards as well.

Another Twitter user posted a photo of herself with the same mirror saying that she had received the same comments about her mirror selfie but it took her a while to cotton on to what they were talking about.

Zara said the likelihood of her getting the No7 tattoo is low but she jokes with her friends that if she did ‘ever end up with seven kids’ she’d consider it.

She doesn’t currently have any tattoos but before she thinks about getting the Boots brand inked on her, she’d like to get her star sign of Aries.

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