Girl Gets Surprise Of Her Life When She Gets Proposed To By Boyfriend


This is not exactly the surprise you want during a marriage proposal, especially during an expensive helicopter trip…

Rheanna Faye’s boyfriend had obviously put a lot of effort into making his marriage proposal one she wouldn’t forget in a hurry, but I don’t think it had the effect he was hoping for…

Darrell Hamilton had planned to propose to his girlfriend while high up in the sky on a romantic helicopter trip and had spelled out ‘Merry Me?’ on his cousin’s lawn.

YouTube/D-HAM Hamilton

You might think this was the biggest cock-up you could make during a marriage proposal, but it was about to get a whole lot worse…

Seconds after Darrell whipped out the ring to his beaming partner, he did what everyone hopes they would not do and promptly vomited right in front of her.

Clearly mortified about his major slip-up, the video journalist wrote on Facebook to explain his proposal fail.

He posted:

I began to feel sick. I did not anticipate motion sickness.

The feeling grew worse. The pilot was helping me look for the sign I made for her.

Still kinda embarrassed but hey, this happens once in a lifetime.

Here’s the full cringeworthy footage:

The hilarious footage showed Rheanna looking revolted, moments after the proposal and can be seen rubbing her boyfriend’s back while clutching the ring.

All’s well that ends well though and in case you were wondering what happened after the botched proposal, Darrell has since revealed his hair stylist girlfriend happily accepted his offer.

Well thank god for that. It’s not exactly how you’d want to be proposed to though is it…