Guy Gives Wife Cake In Shape Of Amazon Delivery Box

by : Julia Banim on : 27 Jul 2019 14:21
Emily Williams-Mcguire/Facebook

Personalised birthday cakes are the best, particularly when you realise the giver completely gets you and is able to demonstrate this in cake form. Which, as we all know, is the best form.

North Carolina resident, Emily Williams-McGuire, was therefore understandably delighted when her husband, Mac, got her a cake which celebrated one of her personal obsessions: online shopping.


Emily, 39, reportedly orders from Amazon at least three times a week, and so Mac knew just how thrilled she would be at the sight of the iconic brown box being re-imagined as a sweet, edible treat.


Emily, who runs her own photography business, appeared thoroughly tickled as she shared pics of the special delivery cake on Facebook, writing:

You know you order from Amazon a little too much if your husband gets this cake…


The post quickly went viral, with many Facebook users thoroughly relating to Emily’s Amazon obsession.

One person cheered, ‘Go girl. Amazon for life!’ while another described the cake as being ‘the best birthday cake ever’.

You know you order from Amazon a little too much if your husband gets this cake…😂 Amazon.com Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn

Posted by Emily Williams-Mcguire on Friday, July 19, 2019

The cake itself was baked by Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, North Carolina, and is extraordinary detailed.


The icing is the precisely correct shade of cardboard brown, ‘closed’ with the instantly recognisable Amazon tape. The perfect replica address label reads, ‘Emily McGuire, 1234 Birthday Lane, Happy Birthday 2U’.

As reported by Today.com, every last bit of this tempting parcel is good to eat, with the tape and label crafted from sugar and wafer paper.

Rather than being packed with bubble wrap and a box of new light bulbs, this ‘box’ is filled to the brim with scrumptious chocolate and buttercream.


Speaking with Today.com, Sweet Dreams Bakery co-owner Brent Norris revealed the cake had taken a full eight hours to make. And the love and hard work which went into it has paid off.

Following the cake’s viral fame, the bakery has reportedly been inundated with calls from people who want a similar cake.

Norris told Today.com:

We’ve been getting lots of calls from people who want the cake, The phone keeps ringing.

Emily Williams-Mcguire/Facebook

And it would seem Emily is one happy birthday girl. Speaking with Today.com, she recalled the moment she first saw the cake:

As soon as I saw the cake, I was like, ‘He gets me,’ I felt so understood!

She added:

I just ordered a maxi dress and a watermelon slicer,

If I need something, I look on Amazon first.

Sweet Dreams Bakery told UNILAD about the experience of watching their fabulous cake go viral:

This has been an amazing experience and still can’t really believe this is happening. We have been in business for NINE years and have always prayed for our business to grow so this has been a blessing just getting our name out there.

It was definitely a fun cake to make. We’ve done all kinds of cakes over the years so it really took us by surprise when this one went viral.

Although plenty of people enjoy getting a bargain on Amazon, the multinational technology company recently hit the headlines for a far different reason.

The Amazon Prime Day event took place over two days this year (July 15 and 16), bringing shoppers discounts, deals and an accelerated delivery service.

However, many staff members felt Amazon’s aim of shipping more goods in less time has led to unacceptable working conditions. Therefore, Amazon workers across the world decided to go on strike during the Prime Day event, protesting for fairer working conditions.

As reported by Sky News, UNI Global Union president Stuart Appelaum – who is helping to co-ordinate Amazon workers and their unions – has made the following comment:

Amazon needs to understand that human beings are not robots. By doubling Prime Day’s duration and halving the delivery time, the company is testing hundreds of thousands of workers’ physical limits as though they were trained triathletes. This is plain wrong.

Operating at these speeds for this duration means Amazon needs to hire more workers, under more sustainable speeds that don’t put workers’ lives in jeopardy. Instead, we are seeing a callous indifference to worker safety.

A very happy birthday to Emily! Here’s hoping all your Amazon Wish Lists come true.

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