Guy Goes Viral After Camera Caught Him Staring Lovingly At Pint


Unless you’re devoutly religious or straight edge, you’d all be inclined to agree, nothing beats a good pint. The pour, the fizz, the promise of good times right ahead followed by (probably) terrible ones.

It’s hard not to take your first swig of booze after a drag of a day and keep a straight face. Think about it.

Although there’s a very fine line between ‘Mmm, this is some tasty beer!’ and ‘Literally nothing comes close to the feeling this gives me and I’m in real danger’ when it comes to the post-swig facial expression, it’s pretty much the only time save maybe for a fancy meal where you can proudly look like an idiot and get away with it.

While there aren’t any pictures of me looking like a f*ckface after sipping a beer, there are many of me doing the sipping bit.

Par exemple:

Man drinking pintUNILAD

Now, that’s a lovely throwback, back in halcyon days of summer 2k18.

Near-intolerable heat-to-AC ratios, Pickford’s penalty save, and of course, drop after drop of lager. I look deeply cheesed off for some reason but believe me, I was having the time of my life.

Here’s another, this time of my friend and colleague Joe ‘You know I’m Sicilian?’ Baiamonte, enjoying a primary sip of Crystal in the greyish Manchester sun.

He doesn’t look too thrilled but it’s only because he’s two beers off falling into a coma:

Man drinking pintsUNILAD

Anyway, enough about me. I want to cast your attention to one rugby fan, who’s gone super viral after third-eye stadium cameras caught him looking at his pint, the way mums on Facebook look at Minion memes.

Despite the rest of the people around him being swept up in the Welsh national anthem prior to their clash against Scotland, this one patriot found it hard to keep his eyes off the pint (is that Dark Fruits?) in his hand.

Watch as he sips and stares and generally puts the world to rights via drinking:

One person said on Twitter:

Shout out to this guy, not singing, just utterly amazed by his pint.

Another commented:

The way that man looked at his beer then, he couldn’t love it any more.

A third said:

This man’s love for his pint is deep and pure. A kind of love and respect that all good pints deserve.

You can say that again. Cheers!

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