Guy In Isolation Fooled Co-Workers Into Thinking He Lives In Luxury Apartment

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Mar 2020 12:17
Guy In Isolation Fooled Co-Workers Into Thinking He Lives In Luxury ApartmentRelevantForOnce/Imgur

Working from home would be so much more appealing if we all had vast, luxuriant apartments to stroll around in.

Many of us are currently navigating cramped flats packed to the rafters with increasingly irritated flatmates, unable to find an adequate surface to plonk our laptop down on.


But, as shown by one isolated worker, we can always kid ourselves – and our colleagues – when it comes to those dreaded afternoon Skype meetings.


Taking to Imgur, a software engineer going by the username RelevantForOnce showed how he was able to trick his co-workers into believing he lived in a snazzy apartment using a makeshift backdrop.

The clever backdrop showed a large, showroom-worthy bedroom of tasteful greys and charcoals; the sort some of us will only ever see in an IKEA catalogue.


RelevantForOnce – who was  inspired by the phone booth in Pee-wee’s Playhouse – explained:

This is how I fooled my co-workers on video chat into thinking I live in a luxury apartment. The backdrop is a photo I found in a Flickr search for ‘apartment interior’, printed onto six pages and taped together with masking tape in the back.


RelevantForOnce didn’t reveal his true – and far more ordinary – living conditions until after the 90 minute video meeting. And his co-workers admitted they had been scratching their heads as to how exactly he had been able to afford such a nice gaff.


He revealed:

I work as a software engineer in cancer research and have an active but money-losing side gig as a musician. The luxury apartment is improbable for my lifestyle, but anything’s possible, right?

After I zoomed out and showed my co-workers the paper backdrop, they said they’d been quietly wondering how I could afford such a stylish place. Or just why I had two office chairs.


With many of us missing the day-to-day banter of the office, RelevantForOnce has raised a much-needed chuckle, and his post has since been widely shared.


One person commented:

One of my guys managed a beach backdrop today, was pretty good. Mostly though, I enjoy the cats.

Another suggested:

Do a new backdrop anyway. Next time be in the Amazon Jungle or something.


Right, now I really just need someone to invent an ‘officer wear’ cut out to place over my pyjamas during video meetings and I’m sorted…

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  1. RelevantForOnce/Imgur

    I fooled my co-workers into thinking I live in a luxury apartment.