Guy Joins Tinder And Uses Only Mario Balotelli Quotes, It Goes Surprisingly Well


Apparently undeterred by how unsuccessful using Wayne Rooney tweets in Tinder messages was, another guy had a crack at chatting to his matches on the dating app using nothing but quotes from the great Mario Balotelli.

The Italian striker has done and said some pretty incredible things during his time in the game and, it turns out, his words of wisdom are also surprisingly effective in the world of online dating.

Using his own Twitter quotes on a dating site actually seems like something the eccentric Balotelli might to do himself, but this piece of genius is actually the work of Dov Rawson, a sports writer for 101 Great Goals.

Dov signed up for Tinder and instantly set about quoting some of Mario’s best witty tweets, and it actually seemed to go pretty well, with one girl at least…

101 Great Goals/Tinder
101 Great Goals/Tinder

However, despite getting invited out for a night on the town, i100 reports that Rawson couldn’t make it to Manchester nightclub Guilty By Association to meet the lovely Jen. Oh well, maybe next time?

Overall though, this whole thing just reminds us how much we miss Balotelli and his crazy antics in England. Come back soon, Mario!