Guy Keeps Promise To Reddit That He’d Eat Crayon If GameStop Shares Hit $250

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Guy Keeps Promise To Reddit That He'd Eat Crayon If GameStop Shares Hit $250jmanpc/Reddit

A guy who said he would eat an entire crayon if GameStop shares hit $250 has proved himself a man of his word.

The man, who goes by jmanpc on Reddit, had made a bet with a friend that should GameStop shares hit the target before the end of trading yesterday, March 9, he would eat a crayon.


While shares didn’t actually hit the $250 mark by closing time, fluctuation after hours saw GameStop value break the threshold, thus justifying a crayon being eaten.

‘By 250 I meant at the end of the day, but f*ck it, it hit 250 in after hours, and I’m drunk and I’ve got a crayon,’ the man said in a video.


In four quick bites, he puts the entire green crayon in his mouth and proceeds to chew.

Grimacing throughout, at one point he tells what we already know – ‘This is kinda gross’ – before opening his mouth to reveal the bright green crayon mushed up inside.

He then grabs a nearby can of White Claw, a hard seltzer, to wash it all down.

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On Reddit, many commended him for keeping up his side of the bet. ‘He drained the crayon with a f*ck*ng White Claw, damn admirable,’ one person said.


Reddit Traders Celebrate As Hedge Fund That Shorted GameStop Forced To Shut Down

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Others proposed that he never made a bet, as one user wrote, ‘Love the thought, ‘there was no bet he just wants to eat crayons’.’

While crayons are definitely not food, the man seems to be doing okay. He said he is ‘all good’ after one user asked, ‘Dude how’s your belly feeling? The idea of digesting a wax crayon is scary.’

GameStop’s shares have been climbing in price in recent days following a surge in its value at the end of January, which sent Wall Street into a frenzy.


The video game retailer dominated headlines after a group of tech-savvy users managed to increase its share price tenfold.

It all started when hedge fund Melvin Capital betted against GameStop by short-selling its shares, meaning it stood to gain if GameStop value went down and lose if it went up. However, Reddit users, determined to flip the script, quickly started to pile into Gamestop so Melvin Capital would be hit by huge losses.

The move – dubbed a ‘short squeeze’ in the trading world – meant GameStop’s shares surged from just over $17 at the beginning of the year to almost $150 by end of trading on January 26.


Yesterday, GameStop shares surged 27%, reaching its highest level in five weeks. The increase is being attributed to the company’s announcement that it had appointed an investor, Ryan Cohen, to head up a committee that will oversea its shift into e-commerce.

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