Guy Makes His Girlfriend’s Dream Batman Party Come True, And It’s Incredible

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Jun 2021 16:47
Guy Makes His Girlfriend’s Dream Batman Party Come True, And It’s Incredible@SparkyMularkey/Twitter

No doubt many people had a dream birthday party idea when they were young, whether that involved flying unicorns or a beloved premier league footballer turning up for a slice of cake.

Growing up as a kid in the 1990s, Sim Mularkey, from Maryland, had longed for a Batman birthday party, but sadly never ended up getting her wish, having always been told that ‘Batman was for boys’.


Few of us get to experience our wildest childhood birthday daydreams in reality, and reach adulthood accepting we never will. However, Sim’s boyfriend, Johnny Weissgerber, was on the case to make sure Sim got the Batman bash she deserved.

Batman party (@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter)@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter
Batman party (@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter)@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter

Sim had always joked that she would throw a Batman-themed party for her 32nd birthday, but had never really imagined this would come to pass, let alone in such spectacular fashion.


Like many tired adults, Sim had ended up forgetting all about her birthday, and had come home completely exhausted. However, what she saw when she opened the front door left her in tears of joy, her childhood dreams flooding back in an instant.

Sim told UNILAD:

I was told that my initial reaction started with confusion and then it visibly morphed from confusion to understanding to ‘M-My B-Batm-man b-birthd-day part-ty???!’ and then I started SOBBING. He remembered! He knew! It was finally happening!

I had told him weeks and weeks ago that I was just going to forgo a birthday party this year. I was too tired, too busy, and I didn’t ‘need’ a Batman birthday party. Somehow, he knew that I really did, deep down, need this. I needed to feel like a kid again.

Now, this wasn’t just any old Batman party, and super creative Johnny – who is both an artist and an actor – had gone all out to bring Gotham to Maryland.

Batman party (@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter)@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter
Batman party (@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter)@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter

Johnny had filled their home top-to-bottom with Batman décor, with plenty of interesting vintage finds. As well as a Batman cake, cupcakes, and Batman-themed cocktails, there was a costume photo booth complete with Gotham themed props for Sim and their friends to take fun snaps.

The level of detail is extraordinary, with Johnny having even set up a Dark Knight-themed carnival downstairs, with games such as Pin the Nipples on the Batman, Bane’s Beer Pong Blitz and even a Riddler-themed scavenger hunt where riddles were hidden all over the house.


Sim’s favourite part was the Joker Batarang challenge, for which Johnny had built a full-blown turntable of justice. Each of the acid green balloons were filled with ‘Joker gas,’ with players who hit them losing points.

Batman party (@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter)@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter
Batman party (@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter)@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter

Perhaps most impressive of all, Johnny managed to pull off this next-level birthday extravaganza without Sim having any inkling whatsoever.


This is obviously no small feat, especially for those of us who regularly panic about where to hide a present or helium balloon, and Johnny thoroughly deserves some sort of Boyfriend of the Year Award.

The amount of planning that went into making everything perfect is evident in the amazing party pictures that have since emerged, as well as in Sim’s emotional reaction.

Sim recalled:

A friend at the party told him that he could see it in my eyes. Part of my soul was healed. Is that too dramatic? Haha! At any rate, Johnny is apparently a master of deception, because I honestly had no idea he was even planning this. Everything was assembled and built in complete secrecy.

Batman party (@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter)@SparkeyMalarkey/Twitter

Considering what her younger self would think if she could see what was in store, Sim told UNILAD:

My childhood self would undoubtedly scream ‘BATMAN!!!’, which is more or less what my adult self did. My parents were loving and kind, always doing their best for me, but sometimes in life you don’t always get what you want. But I did! I’m one of the lucky ones!

And yes, it was everything I could have hoped for and more, because I never would have thought that I would be able to spend my Batman birthday with someone who loves me THIS MUCH.

Truly a comic book love story for the ages.

Featured Image Credit: @SparkyMularkey/Twitter

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