Guy Manages To Get Girl’s Number Without Asking Then Completely F*cks It Up

by : UNILAD on : 09 Apr 2017 18:46

Never have I wanted a guy to just stop speaking as much as this one.


The ‘nice guy’ seems like he’s doing alright and even gets the girl’s number, but then he completely fucks it and starts being so weird.

Of course he displays the classic signs of a weirdo with the needy ‘I guess I’ll just chat with you later. You don’t seem too interested in chatting’, fishing for her to beg him to stay.

Every other message contains an apology of sorts, and despite clearly being a bit bemused by him, the girl gives him a chance and hands him her phone number.


He then does the opposite of acting cool and exclaims ‘Holy shit! I didn’t even have to ask for your number’, and then she reaches the end of her tether, leaving it by saying ‘Lol. Omg’.

At this point, you would maybe message back once and then cut your losses, but this guy just keeps going.

They say if the other person doesn’t reply, don’t double text. Well this guy septuple texted (yes I had to look that up)!

With each line, another ounce of his dignity falls to the floor.

When she can take no more notifications, the girl puts her foot down and writes:


Dude stop. Please stop. Lol. And I mean that in the most sincere way. Yes we’re just friends. And it’s okay.

That’s the point where he would definitely stop, surely,

NOPE. He apologises again and then firmly puts his foot in his mouth before trying to recover the situation with a show of self respect.

He says: ‘I was worth it. Haha but oh well’

I kind of feel sorry for him, he was so close.

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