Guy Not-So-Hilariously Gets Fired For Posting Hilarious Meme About Sh*tting At Work

Guy Not-So-Hilariously Gets Fired For Posting Hilarious Meme About Shitting At WorkCody Hidalgo/Facebook

A Michigan man has claimed he was fired after his boss saw a meme he shared on social media about taking a shit at work.

Cody Hidalgo, from New Boston, shared a meme which features Elmo on the toilet, with a caption that says, ‘Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That’s why I poop on company time.’

According to his Facebook post, Cody shared the meme to his page on Sunday when he wasn’t at work. However, he quickly received a savage message from his boss, Andy, who was allegedly firing him because of the meme.

‘We don’t make dollar when you’re shitting all the time,’ a screenshot of the text read. ‘Why don’t you stay home and do your shitting.’

Posted by Cody Hidalgo on Sunday, October 20, 2019

He continued:

I don’t like to play your bullshit games. Maybe [there’s] a company out there that would put up with your games [because] I won’t. Good luck!

When Cody was, understandably, confused by the messages, his boss told him to look at his Facebook page.

Cody messaged back asking, ‘Because I shared a funny meme…? On a Sunday? When I’m not at work?’

His boss replied, ‘You brought work into it on a Sunday.’

That’s some pretty harsh consequences for what seems, on the face of it, a completely harmless meme, and many people are calling it wrongful termination in the comments section.

Guy Not-So-Hilariously Gets Fired For Posting Hilarious Meme About Sh*tting At WorkCody Hidalgo/Facebook

According to Cody’s page, he was employed at Roman Stone Works, which prompted many people to rush to the company’s page with memes. It has now temporarily been shut down ‘to ensure the recommendations being left are genuine and follow [Facebook’s] policies.’

The meme is frequently shared all over social media, however as far as I’m aware, Cody is the first person to ever report getting sacked as a result of sharing it.

Cody’s Facebook post has received more than 2,300 likes, 2,300 comments and 5,000 shares at the time of writing, it’s fair to say his boss may come to regret his rash decision.

UNILAD has reached out to Cody for comment.

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